Vacature bij Kingfish Zeeland

Based in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland taps into the pristine marine estuary water of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to deliver a healthy, antibiotic-free premium delicacy: the Dutch Yellowtail (Seriola Lalandi / Pacific Yellowtail / Hiramasa / often used interchangeably with close cousin Hamachi). Our Dutch Yellowtail is a high grade sashimi, a grilled or smoked classic, and a ‘Green Choice’ recommended by the Good Fish Foundation as an excellent sustainable alternative. 

Kingfish Zeeland is hiring a biological controller. You will be part of the production team and take part in related activities to meet KPI’s. You will need to be focused on quality, efficiency, maintaining high standards and will partially oversee operations of the grow-out department of the farm.

• WQ control
• Optimization and fine-tuning of RAS components
• Fish transfer and sorting

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